Demonetized hits the NSI Online Film Fest!

Our short documentary about YouTube Demonetization hit the online home of the National Screen Institute of Canada.

We’re honored to have our film screening with the NSI.

Website Link:

Thanks again to the whole team!

Rew Jones, David McGregor, Sarah Jones, Kathleen O’Connor, Bevin Booth, all the creators, all the additional help, our mentor Brandy Yanchyk, Mark Tunke and family for letting us stay at their place, and Steven Sarginson for filming the pitch video.

The Town of Sexsmith

The Town of Sexsmith, Alberta contracted us to create a promotional video for Economic Development. We created a short documentary style video to capture the spirit of the town, and all that it offers.

The video was shot by Cinematographer David McGregor, and directed and produced by David McGregor and Patrick O’Connor.

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Our Documentary is out!

It’s finally here. We spent three months putting this documentary together about YouTubers in Alberta.

Starring the likes of Stephen Robinson (of 52 Skillz and How To Learn Anything), Alexis Hillyard (Stump Kitchen), Kye Riddell (IlluminaHD), Dan Gunther (Kertrats Productions), Brad Angove, Nicholas Yee, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Jeff Wood (Minolta1034) and Justin of Dunna Did it.

And it’s online for free!

Click here to watch it now!